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5 Health Benefits of a Good Laugh

August 29th, 2017 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

Not many things in life can beat the feeling of a good laugh! That rush you get right after it’s done, the pain in your side, the smile plastered on your face; A good laugh is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but what if we told you it’s helping your health? Laughing has many positive benefits on our well being mentally and physically, and here are just five of the reasons, we all should give in to a good laugh today:

1. Reduces Stress

A good laugh can improve your mood and lower your stress! Even just the anticipation of laughter can have a positive affect your body’s stress levels and naturally lower three hormones that contribute to it. Just the anticipation of laughter it has been found to cool down these hormones.

2. A Natural Pain Reducer

Looking for a way to reduce your chronic pain; see your favorite comedy! When you laugh, your body produces natural pain killers and research has shown that the more you laugh, the less pain you will feel!

3. Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Watching your favorite stand up special can be making you smarter! Watching comedy is like a workout for your brain, and can help improve your cognitive skills. So if you are looking to keep your mind sharp, hit a comedy show.

4. A Low Impact Workout

Laughing can help burn calories! 10-15 minutes of a good solid laugh can equal about 50 calories! The motion itself also contracts your abs, works out your shoulders, your diaphragm, and your heart! Now that’s an enjoyable low impact workout.

5. Boost Your Immune System

Laughter can boost T-cells. Once you begin to laugh, you’re activating these T-cells pushing them into action to fight off sickness. Another great immune boost — positivity! Not only does it boost your antibodies but it can increase your chances of living, so think happy thoughts!


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