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Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Are Senior Approved

October 31st, 2017 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

It’s never too late to play pretend and that’s what makes Halloween so wonderful! No matter what your age is, dressing up is an exciting way to be someone else for a day. Whether you want to be spooky, magical or just plain funny — there is a costume for everyone. So if you only now decided it was time to get into the spirit this Halloween, here are some last minute costume ideas that are ageless.

For the Horror Lovers

If you like to scare and shock you have plenty of quick options to go with; you can wrap yourself in mesh or toilet paper and go as a mummy. A quick witch hat a little green face paint,  your broom and you have a fast witch costume! Looking for a more detailed costume; pick up a mask and goes as one of your favorite horror movie stars.

For Those Looking For a Laugh

If you are more on the funny than the scary side,  think outside the box!  WIth some balloons and a plastic bag, you can be a bunch of grapes or even a gumball machine. If you are looking for something that has mobility, break out the khakis, Hawaiian shirt, and a camera, and you’re a tourist!  

For the Low Maintenance

If you are looking for something that involves no makeup or arts and crafts, why not go as your favorite sports player? A t-shirt and hat are all you’ll need! A quick headband from your local store and you can also go as your favorite animal. No matter which way you choose, you have many last minute options to go with! 


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