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Immune System Boosters for Elderly Loved Ones

November 16th, 2018 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

It’s no secret that a few things start to go with age: hair, eyesight, and a bit of muscle mass to name a few. Something else that starts to lessen with old age? The strength of our immune systems.

Since it’s important for seniors to have strong immune systems so they don’t fall ill, make sure they’re trying these immune system boosters!

Get Vaccinated

Seniors are much more susceptible to the flu and other infections, so it’s important that they get vaccinated each year to protect themselves. Of course, always speak to your doctor about the side effects or risks of any vaccines.

Lower Stress Levels

We often find out too late in life that stress can have heavy consequences on our physical as well as mental health. Seniors can often experience stress due to isolation or loneliness, so make sure to keep them company so they don’t feel frustrated or stressed.


Regular exercise, such as cardio or strength training, helps increase circulation and improve heart health, both of which help fight against illness. Even just talking daily walks every day can help improve your senior’s immune system.


Good sleeping habits, like getting enough sleep and fully sleeping through the night, allow our bodies to boost our immune systems, reduce inflammation, and decrease stress. Make sure your senior is getting eight solid hours of sleep each night.


It’s essential for your senior to stay well-hydrated since better hydration levels keep mucous membranes moist so they can catch flu and cold viruses better. While water is the best option, seniors can also stay hydrated by drinking tea, sports drinks, and eating soup — sorry alcohol doesn’t count.


When it comes to keeping your senior relatives happy and healthy, you can trust the professional caregivers at Loved Ones. With our “never alone” promise, you can rest assured that your loved ones will receive the best care possible.

To learn all about the Loved Ones Difference, simply contact us online or call us at 304-744-4081.

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