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The Importance of Physical Therapy for Seniors

December 7th, 2017 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

Physical therapy can be a great asset for senior citizens. It can help them remain more independent, increase mobility, and reduce symptoms of health conditions, such as Parkinson’s, arthritis, and strokes. Many senior citizens are surprised by the results of just a few physical therapy sessions. Increased flexibility and strength allows them to regain mobility they thought was lost. They are often able to perform tasks much more easily—such as reaching for an object on a high shelf—that had been giving them trouble for years.

According to the American Association for Physical Therapists, PT can restore or increase strength, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, and endurance. These benefits allow seniors to lead more active, satisfying lives. Important tasks like driving, getting in and out of a vehicle, grocery shopping, and household activities remain for much longer within the capabilities of seniors who embrace physical therapy as a way to retain and increase their quality of life.

PT Improves Posture

The exercises prescribed by physical therapists improve posture for many older people. This results from correcting imbalances in the body that have accumulated over the years. The exercises also increase muscle tone and flexibility, allowing for a straighter back and better strides. This in turn assists seniors in walking. Many are able to continue a regular walking routine, allowing them to benefit from a light to moderate exercise program.

PT Prevents Falls

Many senior citizens visit a physical therapist after a fall, WebMD explains. Often biomechanical and postural issues contributed to the loss of balance. PT specifically works on elongating the tight muscles that often contribute to a fall. It also strengthens the muscles needed to prevent a future fall. If a senior citizen is beginning to have trouble walking or feels unsteady on their feet and at risk for a fall, PT can improve coordination, strength, and balance, which in turn can prevent falls.

PT Aides Parkinson’s and Arthritis Patients

Posture improvement through PT also helps arthritis and Parkinson’s patients. With Parkinson’s, for example, increasing the flexibility of the trunk helps prevent the robotic movements often associated with the disease. PT also helps prevent joint aches and pains that often come with old age.

PT has many benefits for older people. Like most things that help quality of life, it takes an investment of time and effort to achieve results. It is important to attend all PT sessions and perform all exercises as prescribed. The exercises recommended by the physical therapist must be performed on a regular basis to maintain the gains achieved in therapy. Patients who complete therapy and continue to exercise feel happier and more optimistic.

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