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Indoor Exercises to Keep Seniors Active

December 13th, 2018 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

Staying in shape is important for every senior. However, when winter weather forces us to hole-up in our houses, staying in shape isn’t always the easiest task. But thankfully, fitness doesn’t always mean sprinting and high-intensity workouts.  There are some great indoor exercises that can keep your seniors active.


There are thousands of accommodating yoga poses that almost anyone can do. Some healing benefits of yoga include greater flexibility, mobility, strength, balance, the range of motion, and stress relief. Yoga can also improve posture, alleviate pain, reduce high blood pressure, and improve respiration.


Sometimes the word ‘exercise’ gives off a negative feeling and instead of wanting to do it, some feel like they have to. Music can be very motivational, especially if it’s a song that your elderly Loved One absolutely love. Dancing is a good way for your senior to get their daily workout in without feeling like you are putting in too much effort.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial art form known for its slow and graceful movements. The art takes concentration and incorporates some different breathing techniques. This exercise can be used for self-defense, but it also offers some health benefits such as increased flexibility, balance, muscle strength, and aerobic conditioning.


If you have an indoor pool or access to the YMCA, swimming is a good addition to your workout regimen. It takes into consideration any joint problems you may experience. When the body is submerged in water, you can do more exercises without the worry of having sore joints due to the fact that gravity is not weighing you down as much.

When it comes to keeping your senior relatives happy and healthy, you can trust the professional caregivers at Loved Ones. With our “never alone” promise, you can rest assured that your loved ones will receive the best care possible.

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