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Mindfulness for Seniors

March 19th, 2018 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

Mindfulness is more than just a meditation tool and can be used for many different purposes. The benefits of mindfulness for seniors can be quite amazing, especially for seniors. There are many reasons why a senior would want to use mindfulness such as improved longevity and a decrease in loneliness. Some studies show that it may even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease!
Let’s discuss those and exactly how mindfulness works. While reading this, keep in mind these are only a few benefits of mindfulness meditation. Individual results will vary from person to person.

It’s been proven with continued use, that improved longevity will occur. With continued use, there is a proven decrease in mortality rates among those who use meditation. It also prevents cellular aging, keeping your body in better health, for longer. Overall, your health becomes better the more often you meditate.

Another benefit of meditation is the decrease in loneliness. Most of the elderly, at some point, start to feel lonely with can lead to irritation, frustration, and sometimes depression. Meditation and mindfulness is a great step to take when trying to cure loneliness. It allows people to really appreciate all that they have in life.

The third and best fact about senior meditation is that it may very well make Alzheimer’s disease progress at a much slower rate than those who do not use meditation tools. It has been found that meditation reduces and prevents the stress and anxiety from reaching the parts of the brain that Alzheimer’s affects. With as many people that Alzheimer’s has taken control over, this is a wonderful breakthrough and seniors all over should be utilizing meditation.

How will you encourage the senior citizens in your life to utilize meditation and mindfulness?

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