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Preparing Your Home for Elderly Holiday Visitors

December 18th, 2018 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

You’re probably very excited to have everyone over for the holidays. But while you’re planning the menu and wrapping presents, don’t forget to make a few special preparations for your elderly holiday visitors.

Clear the Walkways

Many elderly individuals have visual deficiencies that make it difficult to see objects on the floor. It is essential to clear walkways so that a senior won’t trip over children’s toys or electrical cords from lamps. Make sure that it is easy for elderly individuals to walk through a hallway with an assistive device such as a walker.

Secure Carpeting

Some elderly individuals have problems with mobility, and it is easy for someone to catch a foot on a loose carpet, leading to a fall. Throw rugs can slip when the items are not on a slip-resistant surface, but it is possible to find rugs that grip the floors.

Remember Dietary Issues

If you know that your senior Loved One has a food allergy or can’t eat certain holiday items you’re making, make sure you’re making dishes that accommodate so they aren’t left hungry. You should have dishes that are suitable for senior family members who may have diabetes, heart disease, food allergies, at least.

Add Handrails

If you have the time and resources, add a few handrails to your bathrooms so your seniors have an easier time moving around, sitting, and standing. It may seem like a lot of effort, but it makes a world of difference for Loved Ones with mobility issues.

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