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Senior Care Do’s & Don’ts

December 12th, 2018 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

Being a caregiver comes with a lot of responsibility — some of which you may not even realize. Besides performing the physical care duties for your Loved One, there are a few other things to make sure you do and don’t do. To be the best caregiver possible, make sure you follow these senior care do’s and don’ts.


Act as a Companion

You’re not only there to help your Loved One with daily home and hygiene tasks — you’re there to provide them with companionship as well. Set aside a good chunk of time each day to watch a movie together, go shopping, or just sit and talk.

Respect Their Home

Remember that, even if you’re providing your Loved One a service,  you’re still a guest in their home, so you should treat it the way you’d treat your own home. Clean up after yourself, be respectful of personal spaces, and never invite over guests without your Loved One’s permission.

Notify Family Members of Issues

Does your Loved One seem a bit more tired lately, or are you noticing changes in their eating habits? It’s your responsibility to notify other family members or doctors in order to keep them safe.


Break Personal Boundaries

Has your Loved One asked you not to go into certain rooms of their home or touch certain belongings? Then don’t. Never disrespect their wishes for privacy.

Go Against Doctor’s Orders

Even though your Loved One may not like that they have to go for daily walks or take their medications, don’t ignore doctor’s orders and allow them to pass over recommendations. Doctor’s give that advice in order to keep your Loved Ones as healthy as possible.

When it comes to keeping your senior relatives happy and healthy, you can trust the professional caregivers at Loved Ones. With our “never alone” promise, you can rest assured that your loved ones will receive the best care possible.

To learn all about the Loved Ones Difference, simply contact us online or call us at 304-744-4081.

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