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February 18th, 2016 The Loved Ones Desk Aging In Place

3 Ways That Technology is Helping Seniors Stay Safe in Their Homes

Technology has transformed the way that we work and play. It’s revolutionized the way we communicate with one another. And it’s also made life easier and safer for the millions of Americans that are retiring and growing older. These three technologies have helped make aging at home safer over the last few years.

1. Digital Fitness Devices

Devices like the FitBit and other wearable fitness trackers have been gaining in popularity over the last few years due to their small size and ease of use. But they also work well for tracking basic health factors such as heart rate and sleep patterns. In fact, many doctors are having their patients wear digital fitness devices that sync up to an app or desktop software through Wifi so that they can keep track of their vitals in real-time.

2. Video Conferencing

Since Skype popped onto the scene a few years ago, it’s completely transformed the way people communicate. Instead of sending emails or calling on the phone, you can video chat with someone anywhere in the world at the click of a button. This ability makes it easier for older Americans who may not be able to travel easily connect with friends and family. Even more, some physicians are offering check-in and follow-up appointments via video conferencing software.

3. Smart Watches

Ten years ago, the height of senior care technology was something akin to a Life Alert bracelet. Nowadays, smart watches have replaced this technology as a more useful and efficient way of helping seniors connect with family or emergency personnel in the event of a fall or other accident where they need help. Because smart watches have the capability to dial, text, and send email, it can be a lifesaver if an emergency arises.


All of these technologies have made senior care more thorough and have provided a stronger peace of mind for many families whose loved ones live alone or far away. And given time, we’re sure to see even more advancements in the senior care tech space.



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