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The Benefits of Seniors Being Internet Savy

November 2nd, 2017 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

Social media might be a scary thing to tackle, but the benefits outweigh the bad. So if you are still wary about combating the internet, here are a few reasons why social media can have significant benefits for adults of any age!

A Great Way to Connect

Social media is a beautiful way to keep in contact with your family. Social allows for family members near and far to be in constant contact with a more personal feel. You can quickly message or see live updates of what your families were doing making it easier for those who can no longer travel.

Access to Family Photos

With the constant family contact comes the ability to tap into family photos and videos. If your grandchildren live far away, no need to wait for their school pictures to go in the mail, you can see them within hours. It’s a great way to feel nearby when you can’t be.

Learn Something

Being on Social opens you up to the opportunity to learn something new. There are many articles and resources on the internet that can help you keep your mind active and going. Just be careful of what you are clicking on and what information you are sharing and with whom.

Discounts and Coupons

Being internet savvy is now a great way to save you money too! There are many of stores that offer exclusive online-only discounts and sales to customers, and those savings can add up. So if you are on a budget, online shopping is a great way to stick to it. 


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