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Tips Every Caregiver Should Follow During The Holidays

December 11th, 2017 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

Naturally, caregivers are over-stressed with having to live their own lives and those of the people they care for. As the holidays approach, things only get more hectic. Here are a few tips for every caregiver to stay safe and healthy during the holidays.

Know When You Are Stressed

It’s easy to know when you are stressed from preparing for the holidays. You may stay up late hours and have red eyes or constant fatigue. The best way to become unstressed is to get enough sleep every night. Get at least seven hours of sleep to unwind and stop thinking about your busy schedule.

Unload the Holiday Drama

While most people are elated for the coming holidays, some people conjure up memories that are less than ideal. As a caregiver, you are somewhat of a therapist. You must recognize the signs of depression or anxiety in the person who you are caring for. Be willing to discuss any negative events that happened during the holidays, such as a family death or accident. Create more positive memories for you and your client.

Cut Down on the Food and Drink

A massive increase in food and drink is seen in the weeks leading up to Christmas. People think that it’s the perfect time to be careless and drink or eat as much as they want. Many caregivers deal with people who are chronically ill, so letting their eating habits slip for one moment could be life threatening. Reduce the intake of junk food and promote exercise during these carefree months.

Every caregiver should try to cut down on stress that happens when Christmas and New Year’s Day come around. Caring for a loved one is a task that you should take more seriously when this season comes. Loved Ones is the home care provider that you should trust to care for your elderly relative or friend. Contact us to see what we have to offer.

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