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What is Transitional Care?

December 15th, 2017 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

Transitional care is associated with movement from one healthcare unit to another. It allows patients to stay in assisted living premises without having their care interrupted. This area enhances interaction and prevents isolation for the people involved. Older people who have been diagnosed with a chronic or acute illness often need healthcare services in multiple settings to satisfy their condition. At Loved Ones, we provide transitional care services that can include:

– assistance with hospital discharge
– managing follow-ups with healthcare providers
– managing medications and recovery procedures
– ensuring the continuity of care

Transitional care also provides services for patients after discharge. These packages consist of low-intensity therapy and occupational therapy. This helps the patient to transition from hospital to home efficiently.

It is essential to ensure that our old parents and grandparents obtain the best transitional care. Loved Ones is the exact place for professional and adequate care and services. Our primary goal is to ensure that your loved ones experience an easy time transitioning from home to hospital. Contact us today to learn how we can help your family create a smooth Transitional Care Plan.

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