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When To Get Your Loved One to Give Up The Car Keys

September 1st, 2017 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

When it comes to driving, there is no age limit, and though many elders can drive safety into their 80’s, it’s not the case for all. With aging comes several factors that can affect your loved ones ability to drive and though taking their keys might be the best thing for them, it’s not always an easy discussion or decision to make. So if you are questioning if it’s time to talk to your elder about retiring from driving, here are a few things to consider:

Medication Side Effects

Due to certain ailments and health issues, older people often take a variety of drugs as they age. Depending on what they are prescribed, the mixtures can often have side effects that just don’t mix with driving. If you feel like this could be the case, speak with your loved one’s physician to make sure they aren’t taking a drowsy dose of medicine that could leave them too impaired to drive.

Deteriorating Eyesight

Our vision and hearing worsen as we age, not to mention the several visual conditions that can affect our ability to drive. Some might be a simple fix of limiting driving at night, while others might require surgery. The best way to know if your elder is still visually able to drive is to schedule a regular eye exam.


Driving requires a lot of cognitive skills that can get be impaired by certain ailments and diseases. If your loved one becomes disoriented, is at risk for diabetic shock, or has a deteriorating neurological disease,  stopping them from driving might be something you’ll want to consider. To fully understand the risk and dangers, talk to their doctor and voice your concern, they will be able to better prepare you for what lies ahead.

See For Yourself

One sure way to know if it’s time to take the keys away is to tag along. Before you decide to talk with your loved ones, weigh all the options and become a passenger for a few days or weeks; if it is time to take the keys, don’t forget to be empathetic of their situation and try to avoid a fight.


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