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Winter Fitness For Seniors

February 1st, 2018 The Loved Ones Desk Uncategorized

When a senior citizen is residing at an assisted living facility, one of the things that will benefit them is getting involved in fitness. This will allow them to go through a regular exercise program which will allow them to stay active and enhance their health. There are a number of activities that senior citizens can do in order to stay in shape during their elder years. Any senior that is looking to stay fit at an assisted living home will benefit by doing aerobics, riding an exercise bike and lifting weights. Each of these activities will enable them to increase strength, improve endurance and also overcome any physical ailments that they might have. Therefore, exercising is one of the things that seniors can do in order to maximize their quality of life.

Walking on a Treadmill

One of the things that we can do as seniors is walk on a treadmill. Walking is one of the most enjoyable and safest ways to exercise on a regular basis. It burns plenty of calories and allows us to keep our bones and muscles active. With walking, we can also build our endurance so when we walk long distances outside the home, we will be in better position to handle it. Participating in walking will also allow us to avoid difficulties with things such as standing up and moving around the home as well.

Riding a Stationary Bike

Another activity that we can do is ride an exercise bike. When riding an exercise bike, we can sit on a stationary piece of equipment and get in a good workout. An exercise bike can enable us to burn off many calories as well as exert plenty of energy. Riding on the exercise bike will help us build endurance for our legs as well as keep them strong and active. Whenever we are looking to exercise at home, riding an exercise bike will be on of the most beneficial activities that we can do on a regular basis.

Participating in Aerobics

For many seniors, doing aerobics is another great activity to do when looking to exercise at home. Aerobics are any exercise that involves movements of the entire body. These often include squats, stretching, jumping jacks and also lunging exercises. Participating in aerobics can help boost the heart rate, develop strength and endurance in our legs and help improve our well being. As a result, aerobics is yet another activity that we should consider when looking to work out at home. If you are looking for compassionate personal home care, contact Loved Ones today.

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