Temporary & Transitional Care

Respite or Temporary Care

Loved Ones offers many levels of support so that we can help our clients throughout all stages of the aging process. Your loved one may not need full-time support but does need temporary or transitional care in Houston, TX. Our services are designed to fill the gaps during recuperation periods or when your loved one moves from one facility to another.

Temporary Care in Houston TX

Temporary Care in Houston, TX

Our temporary care services in Houston, TX, may last only a day, a few weeks, or a few months. We will match a skilled home care specialist with your loved one and provide ongoing assistance activities including light laundry and housekeeping, transportation, shopping, medication management, and meal prep. Our home care professionals may also provide additional support as needed in the form of in-home nursing.

Many of our clients come to us if they cannot stay with their loved one as much as they would like to during a recuperation period after a surgery, illness, or major life change. Loved Ones provides personalized support for all your temporary care needs.

Transitional Care in Houston, TX

At Loved Ones, our transitional care services differ slightly from temporary care. We offer these specialized services to support individuals as they move between care facilities or to/from a medical center or caretaking facility. Our trained home care professionals will manage the transition so you and your loved one can have peace of mind. Services may include:

  • Daily living activities support at home
  • Travel to and from medical appointments
  • Managing and coordinating medical appointment calendars
  • Managing discharges from medical and care facilities
  • Managing medications

Our transitional care services in Houston, TX ensure continuity of care and often provide stress relief for our clients and their loved ones.

For a personalized consultation about the level of care your loved one may benefit from most, reach out to our office at 832-770-9234. We look forward to helping you and your loved one with compassionate and knowledgeable care and support.